Episode 6: Dr. Jenifer Golden of Bobier Elementary School

November 14, 2017

Episode 6: Dr. Jenifer Golden of Bobier Elementary School

Today we speak with Dr. Jenifer Golden, Principal of Bobier Elementary School. Dr. Golden leads a team that has developed an inspiring culture of engaging students, families and the community in a holistic effort to provide opportunities to students that are second to none.

You’ll hear the student excitement in the background, as we recorded this interview during lunch time. 

You’ll also hear about how the school engages with its community, about their preschool and TK programs, and academic opportunities that give Bobier students chances to tour the world form their classrooms, and how opening students and families up to opportunities has created a dynamic learning and growing environment. Enjoy!

Episode 5: Carol McKane of Maryland Elementary School

October 22, 2017

Episode 5: Family & Community Engagement with Carol McKane of Maryland Elementary School

On this episode we talk with Carol McKane, Principal of Maryland Elementary. Carol and her team have a wide-ranging vision that sees Maryland not just as a school, but as a community hub. With a reading room that is open to families as well as students, a robust summer program, and partnerships with community leaders, Maryland is pioneering ways to engage with families.

 A result of greater parent engagement is increased student achievement, and in this conversation you’ll hear about many of the ways that Maryland is innovating in this space.

Tracy Zachry: Hannalei Elementary

October 9, 2017

Episode 4: Tracy Zachry

Our guest today is Tracy Zachry, Principal of Hannalei Elementary school.

Tracy and her team have done a remarkable job of bringing together diverse groups of parents and family members to create a special environment at the school.

Getting a wide range of family members together can be tough, based on various work and family schedules, but Hannalei has been very intentional about doing this and you’ll hear from Tracy just how impactful and meaningful it’s been.

One of the heroes of her story is the school’s Community Liaison, and we’re thrilled to share that story. The community liaison is a position that Vista Unified has invested in as part of the Blueprint for educational excellence and innovation, and the investment is paying off with greater lines of communication and understanding between families and schools.

Nicole Miller: Principal of Mission Vista High School

September 18, 2017

Nicole Miller: Mission Vista High School

Our guest today is Nicole Miller, Principal of Mission Vista High School, a dual magnet high school that is the youngest of the high schools in Vista Unified. As a dual magnet school, Mission Vista offers students the ability to dig deeper into arts and communication, as well as science and technology.

From a celebrated, award-winning music program, to multiple levels of computer science and engineering classes, and innovative classes like the very popular Socioeconomic History of Rock & Roll, Mission Vista has earned a reputation as a place where deep learning and creative thinking go hand in hand.

Krista Berntsen: Principal of Lake Elementary School

September 7, 2017

Krista Berntsen, principal of Lake Elementary, joins the show to share her thoughts on the culture and traditions of Lake Elementary. With a rich legacy of family engagement and a connected community, Lake has established a culture that sees every teacher, staff member, administrator and volunteer working together to create the best learning environment for every child.

Lake is also a great example of a school that builds on its traditions by forging new paths of learning for its students. They are a leader in the district's shift to Personal Learning, building models for connecting foundational aspects of education to real world situations that engage and inspire students to become lifelong learners.

Chuck Schindler, Principal of Rancho Buena Vista High School

August 28, 2017

Episode 1: Chuck Schindler

On this, our debut episode, we talk with the Principal of Rancho Buena Vista High School, Chuck Schindler. Chuck will share about the special culture at RBV, the character of the school’s students and staff, as well as the remarkable number of opportunities for students to engage in learning. 


From legacy strengths like RBV’s arts programs and the International Baccalaureate diploma pathway, to newer offerings such as robotics and coding, RBV is committed to developing well-rounded learners who can pursue their passions through any number of courses.