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Episode 17: T.H.E. Leadership Academy’s Kim Morton and Kerry Perez

April 2, 2018

Episode 17: T.H.E. Leadership Academy's Kim Morton and Kerry Perez

Today’s guests have just led their school through a historical change, renaming the school to better reflect the ways that it is teaching and guiding students.

We’re talking with Kim Morton and Kerry Perez, Principal and Assistant Principal, respectively, of T.H.E. Leadership Academy, formerly known as Temple Heights Elementary School.

We’ll talk about the name change, and more importantly, the thought and strategy behind that change. We’ll also talk about why the concept of leadership is so powerful, and what it equips students for throughout their lives.

T.H.E. Leadership Academy has also been a leading school in Vista Unified’s adoption of Personalized Learning, and the school is gaining acclaim for its approach to implementing this learning model at an elementary school level.

We cover a lot of ground here, and I hope you enjoy this conversation with T.H.E. Leadership Academy’s Kim Morton and Kerry Perez.