WAVE Pod - Vista Unified School District

Tracy Zachry: Hannalei Elementary

October 9, 2017

Episode 4: Tracy Zachry

Our guest today is Tracy Zachry, Principal of Hannalei Elementary school.

Tracy and her team have done a remarkable job of bringing together diverse groups of parents and family members to create a special environment at the school.

Getting a wide range of family members together can be tough, based on various work and family schedules, but Hannalei has been very intentional about doing this and you’ll hear from Tracy just how impactful and meaningful it’s been.

One of the heroes of her story is the school’s Community Liaison, and we’re thrilled to share that story. The community liaison is a position that Vista Unified has invested in as part of the Blueprint for educational excellence and innovation, and the investment is paying off with greater lines of communication and understanding between families and schools.